GNC Green Lab Ethos

Cognisant of the impact that lab research has on our environment, GNC researchers are committed to adopting green lab principles and practice within their labs. These efforts are aimed at educating researchers about their own behaviours and attitudes to lab waste, while pointing to opportunities to reduce the negative impact that their research has on the environment.  NUIG has pledged to certify all labs on-campus as ‘green’, by 2025 and GNC members are eager to help NUIG to meet this ambitious goal. For further information about registering for green lab certification, or about the ‘Green Lab Principles and Practice’ 5-ECTS graduate module, please contact Dr Una FitzGerald ( Details of the steps involved in certification can also be found on the ‘My Green Lab’ website (  A short video documenting the story of certification of the CÚRAM lab at NUIG (where many GNC members are based) can be viewed by clicking here, while an Irish Times article profiling this effort is accessible here


Photo: Members of CURAM’s green team being awarded green lab certification in November 2019 from Allison Paradise, CEO of My Green Lab. Four of the green team are members of the GNC i.e., from left, Dr Jill McMahon, PhD student Enrico Bagnoli, PhD student Alex Trotier, and Dr Una FitzGerald. The other team members are PhD student Gillian Murphy, graphic artist Maciej Doczyk, PhD student Eugenia Pugliese, and Experimental Officers Dr Oliver Carroll and Dr Olena Kudina


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