GNC Objectives

Objectives of the Galway Neuroscience Centre

  1. To foster excellence in, and promote dissemination of, original research in neuroscience.
  2. To focus on translating and integrating research at a pre-clinical or laboratory level with the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches within clinical practice.
  3. To work with relevant industry partners, supporting neuroscience research in a collaborative manner, and seeking to commercialise our discoveries where relevant and appropriate.
  4. To help ensure that the topic of neuroscience has a national profile and to contribute to health-related research and policy developments in Ireland.
  5. To increase awareness and knowledge of neuroscience through educational and outreach activities.
  6. To promote an interest in neuroscience among students and to train the next generation of neuroscientists.
  7. To foster national and international collaborations in research and teaching.


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